If you are looking for seafood restaurants Morehead City NC that offer a great variety of appetizers, you are in the right place. At Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant, we are not only well-known for our famous crispy hushpuppies, but we also have the best appetizer menu on the Crystal Coast. Whether you are looking for traditional seafood classics or modern takes on timeless dishes, we have you covered. Read along as we share the top five appetizers you need to try next time you are at Sanitary Fish Market & Restaurant.

Beer Battered Onion Rings

Featuring thick slices of sweet onion, beer batter, and the crispiest breading, these golden onion rings are a local favorite. Our onion rings are the perfect way to start your experience at seafood restaurants in Morehead City North Carolina or as a side dish for dinner as well.

Shrimp and Crab-Stuffed Potato

If you are a shrimp and crab fan, our shrimp and crab-stuffed potatoes are a must-try! This appetizer is a delicious and unique meal loaded with invigorating flavors and will keep you satisfied at any time of the day.

Shrimp Salad Cocktail

Looking for something refreshing on a hot summer day? Get a taste of our shrimp salad cocktail! This meal is the perfect mix of light and flavorful ingredients that feature fresh shrimp, vegetables, and a bold flavor. Whether you order this as an appetizer or as a side, our shrimp salad cocktail is always a great option.

Seafood Sampler Plate

When you have an excellent variety of seafood, choosing one meal can be hard. This is why Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant offers a seafood sampler plate that includes boiled shrimp, tuna salad, and shrimp salad. Served with your choice of chowder, this seafood sampler is ideal to enjoy on a summer afternoon.

Seafood Restaurants in Morehead City North Carolina

Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant is a Crystal Coast staple you don’t want to miss. Located on the waterfront, we are one of the oldest seafood restaurants Morehead City NC serving the Eastern Carolina community. Visit our website to see our full menu or stop by the Morehead City waterfront today!