As the holidays approach, many are ready to enjoy dining out with family and friends. But if you’re trying to stay healthy, eating out can be a challenge. Luckily, seafood restaurants in Morehead City NC like Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant have much healthier menu items. If you are looking for seafood restaurants near me that have a variety of healthy options, keep reading.

Start with Soup or Salad.

Most seafood restaurants in Morehead City NC will have a soup or salad option as a starter. Salads are an excellent way to get in your vegetables, and soups can be a good source of protein if they include meat. One of the most popular soups during the colder months is our Bogue Sound clam chowder, perfect for those who don’t prefer milk or tomato in their soup.

Choose Lean protein

Fish is usually the best option when it comes to lean protein, but shrimp and crab are also good choices. If you’re not a fan of fish, chicken is often a leaner option than beef. Sanitary Fish Market & Restaurant has various Eastern NC seafood options that contain lean protein including a delicious seasonal fish with a side of your favorite vegetable.

Make Smart Side Choices

When it comes to sides, Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant have plenty of sides and seasonal vegetables to complement your meal. Some of our appetizing side dishes include baked potato, steamed rice, a side salad with the dressing of your choice, or green beans.

Lighter Fare

Unlike other restaurants in Morehead City NC, Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant has a section on the menu called “Lighter Fare”. Our lighter fare meals are smaller portions at a lesser price than the regular menu items. From steak to broiled bay scallops, our lighter fare meals are the perfect amount of food to feel satisfied. All lighter fare items are served with your choice of french fries, baked potato, rice, green beans, or a tossed salad.

Sanitary Fish Market & Restaurant | Restaurants in Morehead City NC

Eating out doesn’t have to be unhealthy! If you are looking for a seafood restaurant near me, there are plenty of healthy options available at Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant. Visit us at the leading seafood restaurant in Morehead City NC and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal with a beautiful waterfront view.