To Die for or To Pie For?

We know, we know, we know – we’re primarily a seafood restaurant. But let’s face it, we also have some of the best desserts to end your night with. Whether you eat it here or take it home, you’ll be tempted to have at least just one slice of our many pies at your favorite waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC.

We have seven different types of pie on our menu, and they’re available daily for your devouring. If the All Day Menu didn’t leave you wondering what on earth you want to order, the dessert menu will leave you wondering which slice of pie you’d like to try!

We have homemade lemon, hot apple pie, hot apple pie a la mode, islander key lime pie, bourbon pecan pie, chocolate meringue, and our classic homemade cheesecake. We have all of your classic pie combinations right here at The Sanitary Fish Market, waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC.

Sweet & Salty

Our homemade lemon is our most popular slice, with a Ritz cracker crust and meringue piled a mile high. This perfect combination of tart and salty is just the dessert you need to finish off your evening.

Southern Tradition

If you’re wondering if you should try our Bourbon Pecan Pie, the answer is YES! Another classic pair flavoring that will leave you wanting to carry another slice home for later is all you need to know when it comes to this pie.

Simply Yummy

The best is yet to come once you try our Key Lime Pie. This slice is sweet and tart topped with meringue to balance the flavor. We guarantee you’ll eat the whole thing!

The Sanitary Fish Market

So many pies and so little time, it’ll be hard to narrow down to just one! Don’t feel pressured to choose just one either – you can always take home a few slices to enjoy later. We promise you won’t regret trying our pies – they’re to die for and we know it! Make sure to stop in and see us at The Sanitary Fish Market, waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC, located right beside Sugarloaf Deli and Yellow Fin Pub. We’re ready for you!