When it comes to shrimp, Eastern North Carolina does it best! Our coastal shores are packed to the brim with shrimp that are just begging to be captured and served. If you’re craving a summer shrimp dish, The Sanitary Fish Market has the perfect menu featuring all of the shrimp classics. The shrimping season begins between May and June and runs through December. Read on to learn more about some of the top waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC fan-favorite shrimp dishes that we offer during the prime shrimping season!

Shrimp and Grits

Our shrimp and grits is one of our most popular dishes! With your choice of fried or grilled shrimp, enjoy this southern favorite that anyone of any age will love! Paired with fluffy southern-style grits and topped with melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon bits and freshly chopped green onions!

Shrimp Parmesan

In the mood for a bite of pasta? The best waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC has just what you crave! Try our signature shrimp parmesan. Served over a bed of steaming linguine, our rich and creamy parmesan Alfredo pairs perfectly with North Carolina’s finest fresh shrimp.

Captain’s Salad

Who said eating healthy couldn’t be delicious? Our fresh Captain’s salad has just the right ingredients to keep you satisfied. The best part is, you get to pick the way you like your shrimp! Top your heaping fresh garden salad with cold boiled shrimp or fried popcorn shrimp for the perfect bite. Our waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC will accompany your meal with a stunning view of the most gorgeous waterways on the East Coast.

Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant | Morehead City, NC

At Sanitary Restaurant, we’ve got the perfect experience for you. Whether you’re a local looking for a new lunch spot or a first-time visitor looking for a family dinner, we’ve got the perfect seaside recipes that will satisfy your seafood cravings! To top it all off, we’ve got the best waterfront view in town. Wine and dine while looking out over the crystal coast waterway. Come and visit the best waterfront restaurant Morehead City NC for your next dining experience. We’re located next to Yellowfin Pub and Sugarloaf Island Deli.